Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A book of Powerful Nisargadatta Quotes

I came across a new beautifully packed hardbound book titled "Freedom from Imagination" ( A rendering by Prasanna) published by neti neti media at the recent 2014 SAND meeting in San Jose. It is a book of quotes with some powerful quotes by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj:

1. Here, one human being is not giving knowledge to another human being.
    Here, Parabrahman is talking to the "confused" Brahman.
    Identity limited to the body is the confusion.

2. When you can really say:"I don't know", then you will be the supreme - Parabrahman.

3. That which can say "I am" is prior to saying "I am".

4. You don't know this because you have become a disciple of your mind. ( I burst into laughter when     I read this one!).

5. Transcend the body even while it is experienced.

6. If you really are, keep looking at yourself only.

7. Go back to the point where you never had any experience of any kind.

8. Truly speaking there is no birth, no death. Only what is known ceases to be known. That is it.

9. What is the real essence of the search for the ultimate?
    To find out the Truth and the Untruth about oneself.
    Whatever can be found is the untruth.

10. When the "knowledge I am" tries to see itself, its knowingness disappears.

And many more....