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Books Useful for Abding in the 'I am'

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Abiding in the 'I am'

Abiding in the ‘I am’
Pradeep Apte

1. The direct experience of ‘I am’ in its absolute purity or the Self is in all of us but the senses make us believe something that is completely untrue. We believe the senses and always ignore our direct experience.

2. ‘I am’, but not this particular body or mind. ‘I am’ all.

3. Abide in the ‘I am’ and realize that the mind never existed.

4. When you see the mind you don’t see the ‘I am’, when you abide in the ‘I am’ you don’t see the mind.

5. To discover that only ‘I am’ and abide in it irreversibly, continuous meditation in the ‘I am’ is needed.

6. Don’t allocate periods of time to meditate ‘I am’ with closed eyes. Do it throughout the day while doing all other activities.

7. If you want to go beyond the body and mind, abide in the ‘I am’ only and understand that all that is ‘I am’ plus is false.

8. Abidance or meditation in the ‘I am’ is a process by which attention is kept focused on the substratum instead of the names and forms that are habitually imposed on it.

9. When you abide in the ‘I am’ ignorance vanishes. Ignorance is not knowing the ‘I am’ in its absolute purity.

10. Don’t regard the abidance in the ‘I am’ as a part-time activity. You must have a life long commitment to get yourself established in it.

11. At all times keep moving back to the ‘I am’, your source, and do let anything divert or distract you from this.

12. The ‘I am’ in its absolute purity is the infinite and formless, so when you abide in it you discover the infinite eye of the Self.

13. If you can hold on to the knowledge ‘I am’ at all times, no further practice or initiation will be necessary.

14. Hold on to the ‘I am’, they are the true Guru’s feet that will never go away as they are eternal.

15. Meditate ‘I am’, if you do this the idea that you are the body will go.

16. Sadhana is a battlefield, constantly affirming ‘I am’ will act like an armor and protect you from the arrows of ‘I am the body’ idea.

17. It is enough to never forget ‘I am’, your real Self which is everything and all inclusive.

18. In every moment you only have one real choice: to be aware ‘I am’ or to identify with the body and mind.

19. Your responsibility in this life is only to abide as ‘I am’ and not worry about the outer events over which you have no control.

20. The ‘I am’ is present in all and not confined only to those who follow this particular teaching and Guru.

21. The intensity with which you meditate ‘I am’ will take you to your real Self as there is nothing else other than it.

22. To constantly meditate ‘I am’ is the only way. If this is not continuous enough the other part of the mind becomes predominant.

23. If you become irreversibly established in the ‘I am’ you will never know ignorance again.

24. Remaining in the ‘I am’ or Self no further enquiry is necessary.

25. Abiding in the ‘I am’ you realize that birth and death, suffering and pleasure were unreal dreams that have finally come to an end.

26. Abiding in the ‘I am’ everything proceeds smoothly; there is no attachment to anything.

27. Never leave the ‘I am’, always keep it in the foreground and everything else you do in the background.

28. Holding ‘I am’ in the foreground you will do everything exactly as it has to be done.

29. To be continuously aware ‘I am’ is the Sadhana. You are always the Self, abiding as ‘I am’.

30. Abiding as ‘I am’ you will visualize everything as ‘I am’. Having this vision, no problems will occur as all is ‘I am’.

31. ‘I am’ all, so where is the question of liking or disliking?

32. If you repeatedly affirm ‘I am’ without interruption, you will get results very quickly. This affirmation is the greatest mantra of all.

33. Keep up the meditation ‘I am’ and surrender yourself completely to it.

34. Let go of all the things that you pretend to believe are important in you daily life and instead focus on ‘I am’ all day and see what happens.

35. If you constantly meditate ‘I am’ that is exactly what you will become.

36. Your desires are just side shows that drag your attention away from your main business which is to meditate ‘I am’.

37. If you abide in the ‘I am’ no desires and no karma will touch or affect you.

38. If you remain in the ‘I am’ as ‘I am’ no harm can come to you, the main thing is not go out of it.

39. If you take the ‘I am’ as your destiny no other destiny can befall you.

40. Abide as ‘I am’ and you will see no world, no mind, no distinctions and no directions.

41. Realizing the ‘I am’ or the Self is true education.

42. All is the ‘I am’, abiding in the ‘I am’ you will know this for yourself, that is all you need to do.

43. When you get irreversibly established as ‘I am’ or the Self everything disappears and all that remains is the Parabrahman or the Absolute.