Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Dimensionless Map for Self-Realization

Use this map as a study aid while reading I AM THAT.
A Map for Self-Realization
The map can be seen to contain several ‘Themes or routes for Transcendence’ that have been color coded. The themes or routes for transcendence:
1. The Red theme is the Main theme: From Personality to Person to Presence to Absence to Absence of Absence
2. The Green or States of consciousness theme: From the Awake state to Dream to Deep Sleep to The Fourth’ to’ Beyond the Fourth’
3. The Blue or Speech theme: From the Spoken Word to Tangible Word to Intangible Word to Source Word to No Word.
 4. The Brown-Yellow or Being theme: From Being Knowing Doing to Being Knowing to Being to Non-Being
5. The Pink or Triad theme: From Mind (attachment mode) to Self (Detachment mode) to Spirit (Transcendence mode). 
6.The Brown or Buddha theme: Gone (awake transcended), Gone (dream transcended), Gone beyond (deep sleep transcended), Gone Altogether beyond (the fourth transcended) Oh! What an awakening, all hail!(From the heart sutra).
One may observe that the routes or themes run almost parallel with the Main Red theme and all end up from illusion to reality in The Absolute. The map can be extremely useful when consulted while reading along with the book ‘I Am That’ and serves the purpose of getting the fundamentals right. The next would be the meditation on ‘I Am’ or the different themes or the practice(the sadhana) and finally, if you get it right till there, would be the dropping off( which occur automatically) of the entire concept as it was unreal anyway !

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