Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Dimensionless Map for Self-Realization

Use this map as a study aid while reading I AM THAT.
A Map for Self-Realization
The map can be seen to contain several ‘Themes or routes for Transcendence’ that have been color coded. The themes or routes for transcendence:
1. The Red theme is the Main theme: From Personality to Person to Presence to Absence to Absence of Absence
2. The Green or States of consciousness theme: From the Awake state to Dream to Deep Sleep to The Fourth’ to’ Beyond the Fourth’
3. The Blue or Speech theme: From the Spoken Word to Tangible Word to Intangible Word to Source Word to No Word.
 4. The Brown-Yellow or Being theme: From Being Knowing Doing to Being Knowing to Being to Non-Being
5. The Pink or Triad theme: From Mind (attachment mode) to Self (Detachment mode) to Spirit (Transcendence mode). 
6.The Brown or Buddha theme: Gone (awake transcended), Gone (dream transcended), Gone beyond (deep sleep transcended), Gone Altogether beyond (the fourth transcended) Oh! What an awakening, all hail!(From the heart sutra).
One may observe that the routes or themes run almost parallel with the Main Red theme and all end up from illusion to reality in The Absolute. The map can be extremely useful when consulted while reading along with the book ‘I Am That’ and serves the purpose of getting the fundamentals right. The next would be the meditation on ‘I Am’ or the different themes or the practice(the sadhana) and finally, if you get it right till there, would be the dropping off( which occur automatically) of the entire concept as it was unreal anyway !

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  1. Dear Pradeep, I am 60 years old now. More than 25 years ago, I chanced upon a book called the Krishnamurti reader at a bookshop. The pages were alternately about this "state" and descriptions of rural life in India. I just had to buy it. It was at about this time that I went through the strangest 3 or so months of my life. Every now and then, randomly, I was suddenly overcome by huge waves of inexplicable joy. This ecstasy had absolutely no cause. It was so puzzlingly new that it often alarmed me. Some time after this happened, I was involved in an accident in which I was not injured. On the the way home in the train, I was looking out the window when "I" disappeared. It was as if this "me" was not there and it shocked my brain. I was not "me" any more, but rather an uninvolved, uninterested, absolutely neutral observer of everything. It was indeed alarming and I could not fathom this "experience". I was alarmed as I had not had any alcohol or was hallucinating. The very next day, early in the morning, I was overcome by mirth and laughter. I was apparently in bed, and yet not there. I was everywhere. I was everything. To make my narrative short, this ended with a question form whence I do not know: "If you were not born, would you know?" At this point I would like to say this: I do not share this with all and sundry, as I know that one would doubt my narrative. I do not want to convince any one about this as that would be wrong. How on earth is one to know if another is telling the truth? I could be lying. After this "happened" I tried to decipher it. It was then that I happened to read "I am that". I do read spiritual stuff nowadays, but without any expectations. I know that "it" might never happen to me again, but I am not disappointed. It is so very random and, like the Zen buddhists say about Satori, it is the golden brick that can fall on anybody's head, be he illiterate or King. I find solace in Tagore's poetry and the verses of Walt Whitman and Thoureau. I sense in your words your earnestness in this quest which some say is an exercise in futility, while others say the door has to be knocked for it to be opened. I presently work in Singapore in the tourism sector, mostly with Europeans, as I speak German. I also run a modest resort at the Andaman Nicobar Islands in India. I look forward to hearing from you.