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The Nisargadatta Sadhana

The Nisargadatta Sadhana
Pradeep Apte
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My Guru Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj always stressed on the necessity of doing the Sadhana (Practice) in order to realize our true nature. Throughout his dialogues he has given us very clear instructions about how to do the Sadhana (Practice) and what he experienced in the process. Whatever he has said on this subject is scattered through the ten books (see references) which form a major portion of his dialogues available in print.
Most of the readers have viewed the Sadhana (Practice) as a two-step method:
1. Abiding in the ‘I am’.
2. Transcending the ‘I am’.
It must be very clearly understood that what he is describing only appears to be a two-step method but actually is a single step. It is only for the sake of understanding that this split has been created. It is just like the ‘vani’ or speech which is one, but only for the sake of understanding has been split into four: ‘vaikhari’ (spoken word), ‘madhyama’ (thought or tangible word), ‘pashayanti’ (formative or intangible word) and ‘para’ (no word). So whenever we speak always remember that all the four are involved and operating as a single unit. In fact Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj has used the ‘vani’ or speech in reverse order (from ‘vaikhari to ‘para’) for going beyond.
The idea behind the present compilation was to classify what Maharaj has said throughout his dialogues in the same two step mode. So we begin with ‘Abiding in the I am’ and around midway we shift over to ‘Transcending the I am’. The continuity has been maintained to make it look like a single step which it actually is.
Another reason for preparing this compilation was that I have always felt that there was no single text available that described the Sadhana (Practice) prescribed by Maharaj. The present work is an attempt to fulfill that need and what better way could there be than using Maharaj’s words only. The italicized portions are my own while the rest are the words of Maharaj. I have resorted to minor alterations and concatenations in order to maintain readability without changing the meaning.
I hope that followers of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and his teachings would benefit from this compilation and use it as a tool for their Sadhana (Practice).

Pradeep Apte


I am highly indebted to my friend Michael Hansen for his corrections in this compilation.


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  1. Dear Pradeep, thank you for providing another approach to the talks of our beloved Sri Nisargadatta. At times when I am engrossed into the many-fold claims of this mysterious world I lose the clue of what it's all about. Then your collections and explanations fall into place.
    Thank you and best whishes for the upcoming year 2011